I want all your candy. All of it.

I’m pretty wrapped up in politics these days and like a lot of you out there, I like to hop on my virtual soapbox from time to time and say stuff.

For any conservatives who come across my mini-manifesto, I hope you might see that I don’t really want to “destroy our country” as so many on the right claim. It’s okay that we disagree, but we don’t have to adopt the divisive rhetoric spewed by so many politicians designed to objectify each other.

I love America �🇸 and I know you do too. We all want to improve our country. Here are my ideas on how I think we can make America super-great.

  1. Enact laws that reduce discrimination and improve equality. Why would anyone disagree with this?
  2. In the wealthiest nation on the planet, 10% of our population holds 78% of our wealth, and 84% of all stocks. Given that, no American should ever have to go without food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, dignity, or self-improvement help, regardless of circumstances.
  3. Reasonable tax reform designed to narrow our outrageous and rapidly growing wealth gap.
  4. Incentives for medium and large corporations to provide workers with ownership (stock) of the company.
  5. We ALL depend on the health, happiness, and success of ALL children for the continued solvency of our nation, therefore the quality of a child’s education should never be determined by where a child lives or how wealthy or poor the parents may be. We should restructure public education funding based on need to ensure equality of resources and opportunity regardless of zip code. Education is a social responsibility we all share and should never be outsourced to private “for profit” companies or any other 3rd party.
  6. Incentives for high school graduates to enter into the military or other public service for a period of two years prior to post secondary education.
  7. Free public education extended through a 4-year college degree or equivalent vocational training program.
  8. Given the fact that diversity strengthens the resilience of our nation and fuels innovation, we should enact affirmative action in government and public universities, and incentives to promote affirmative action in private universities and businesses.
  9. Without immigrants, the number of working-age Americans will drop to 166 million by 2035. We should set immigration policy based on this need and prioritize for cultural and ethnic diversity, and refugees. We must secure our borders and reduce the incentive for people to come here illegally by making it easier for more people to come here legally.
  10. We should accept the following three facts: A) There is a very good possibility (if not absolute certainty) that human activity is having a sudden, dramatic, and unusual impact on climate change. B) Non-renewable energy is dirty, dangerous, and destructive. C) The move to green energy has resulted in more jobs. Given these three facts, we should enact laws that advance renewable energy as quickly as possible.
  11. We are the caretakers of our planet. In addition to the switch to renewable energy, we must enact laws to monitor, manage, preserve, protect, and repair all aspects of our environment by all means possible.
  12. Expand funding for scientific research, space exploration, and for the research and development of new technologies.
  13. Require states to draw congressional districts in a uniform manner that minimizes the travel time to the geographic center for all residents, and drawn in a sensible way irrespective of demographics. (Here’s a great example: link).
  14. Federal elections on both days of a weekend with a uniform paper ballot system that would be un-hackable by its nature.
  15. Reform political campaign finance so that qualifying candidates are funded equally by We, the people. End campaign advertisements. Private funding of campaigns either by corporations, individuals, or self-funding should not be allowed. The outcome of our elections should never be determined by money or marketing.
  16. Equal representation in the House of Representatives based on the state with the lowest population. Currently, we have an average of 745,975 people in California represented by each member of the House, but in Wyoming it’s only 579,315. The solution is to increase the number of members in the House. When Congress last increased the size of Congress in 1912, each representative had just over 200,000 constituents. If each state’s apportionment were based on Wyoming’s population, using common rounding we’d have 562 representatives.
  17. Reform the Electoral College such that each congressional district’s vote goes to the winner of the popular vote in that district. The two electoral votes allocated from senators would be awarded to the candidate who wins the popular vote statewide.
  18. National defense scaled-back to a reasonable level, and a greater emphasis placed on diplomacy.
  19. Foreign policy built on the mission of lifting other nations up: More carrots. Fewer sticks.
  20. Adequately fund our municipalities so they don’t rely on law enforcement or cash-for-bail for revenue. Given that an accused person is either a flight risk/threat or not, cash payment should never be a condition for bail.
  21. We should reimagine our criminal justice system with the fundamental purpose of reforming and improving criminals to reduce recidivism. Criminal justice and reform are social responsibilities we all share, and they should never be outsourced to private “for profit” companies or any other 3rd party.
  22. Ensure that our government does not restrict or promote/support religion. We must ensure that people of different faiths, and people who are agnostic or atheist are not discriminated against or forced to self-discriminate.
  23. We should protect a woman’s God-given right to manage her own body without harassment or duress, and ensure she has convenient access to ALL women’s heath services.
  24. As a nation, it is time that we all reevaluate the need for civilian ownership of arms and amend our Constitution to make this purpose crystal clear.
  25. Enact common-sense, and data-based laws for civilian ownership of arms designed to help our nation realize a very low gun-death rate. No American should have to live under the tyranny of perpetual fear of death-by-gun.
  26. Move to the metric system.
  27. Switch to 24-hour time.
  29. Eliminate homework. (This was a request from my children, of course. Thing is, they have a point.)

So, there’s a start. What would you change, add, or remove if you were Supreme Leader for a day? Eager to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I write about EdTech and education, but mostly this is where I rant about politics. On Twitter @prsmith2009

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