I have to disagree. The most vibrant parts of the country have the greatest cultural and ethnic diversity. New York City. Silicon Valley. Miami. San Francisco. Los Angeles. In these places, you will hear a multitude of languages, see a very wide variety of colors, smell and taste an innumerable number of foods. In Chinatown, San Francisco, you can meet people who have lived their entire lives speaking only Cantoneese, and they’ve thrived. Same can be said for Glendale or “Little Armenia.” In pockets across the country, hispanic communities bring their own color.

There is no American cultural standard.

We have always been a diverse nation, and it’s no coincidence that the most diverse places in the country are also the ones thriving the most.

I have traveled and met with people in all 50 states. I have lived in places with little cultural diversity, and with great cultural diversity, and based on data and my own observation, I can say with a degree of confidence that cultural and ethnic diversity is an asset that benefits our nation.

I write about EdTech and education, but mostly this is where I rant about politics. On Twitter @prsmith2009

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