Hi David. It appears that my blog post upset you. I am considering your feedback. As I do, I am also considering the 21,000 views, 7,200 full-page reads, and the 815 fans.

Seems like you’re an outlier here…

In your lengthy critique, you fail to dispute any specific point I made in my post. Can you help me out and pick something to dispute? It’s hard to respond if you don’t give me something specific to respond to.

If you don’t mind me saying, your response paints you as a bit of a climate-denying radical. This sentence in particular was telling:

“Your method enhances the argument that climate change zealots will distort facts and outright falsify data to further their agenda.”

Who are the zealots and what’s their agenda???

The one thing that frustrates me about your response was how you ignored the key points to the post:

  1. Let’s agree to disagree about whether or not humans are causing climate change. Let’s at least agree to hope for the best, but take steps to prepare for the worst. Let’s at least try!
  2. Can’t we agree that drilling, refineries, oil tankers, coal mines, coal ash, fracking, etc. are very dirty ways of producing energy, and that renewable energy like wind and solar (even with their production costs) are vastly cleaner options for energy production?

Put simply, I don’t understand the opposition to human-caused climate change and the effort to move to cleaner energy production methods. Based on what we know, the effort couldn’t hurt, and would most likely lead to more jobs, a cleaner environment, and a decrease in greenhouse gasses.

Maybe our best efforts ultimately don’t change a thing, but at least we won’t have to worry so much about oil spills, poisoned water, acid rain, smog, etc.

I write about EdTech and education, but mostly this is where I rant about politics. On Twitter @prsmith2009

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